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BT plan  to switch off the old landline network in 2025 and that is a huge change to the telecoms industry. The old copper network in place right now has been in use for over a century now, but from 2025 all phones will go through broadband lines. This means that "landlines" as we know them will now be serviced by VoIP, or "voice over internet protocol".

We believe this will create even greater demand for products like ours that are totally independant of the 'internet' allowing you to get to devices when traditional methods fail.

Once again 'hard reboots' will solve many router/switch issues allowing low cost 24/7 safe remote support using simple text mesaages.

Once the PTSN network has been switched off it will no longer be possible to make phone calls via landline without an internet connection. If you don't have broadband access at home, your phone line provider can put you on a basic, line-only broadband connection, which will cost about the same as your existing line rental.

NB We are hearing more and more from contacts within the industry that the date of the switch might be pushed back to 2026. We will of course update you as and when any new information becomes available. This could be partly due to the amount of 'Telecare' equipment that relies on landlines and the number of people that coud be affected especially when social care budgets are so stretched.