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2023 sees Tekview receive biggest ever order

From the moment we started the business in 2011 we identified our biggest potential market and clients were ATM companies as they fitted our ideal criteria of a single piece of remote IT equipement but in thousands of locations.

We also realised that we needed a centralised managment portal to be able win such prestigeous and demanding clients and to prove the technology presented no security risks.

In 2016 we introduced our online portal EstateView (see product section) which enabled our clients to control thousands of devices from a 'user friendly' portal that sends and receives virtual m2m texts instead of using mobile phones(s).

We already had big sucess with a UK based ATM company in 2014 that installed over 7000 devices and so we contacted Europe's largest ATM business with units in over 20 countries. After an initial sucessful pilot they decided to roll out our solution to all countries with every device controlled via EstateView using our original 2G version and these were installed and used for over 6 years so a fantastic COO/ROI for the client.

When looking at any IT roll out project there are numerous considerations in any business case including the initial hardware cost, running costs, impact on diverting staff to a new project and then the cost and resources to deploy the solution.

In Powertxt's business case it was as some people say a 'no brainer' as the hardware costs are minimal, the running costs low and the cost to deploy virtually nil as units are set up before taking to site which are simply plugged in whilst filling the ATM with cash.

In the UK we are lucky that 2G will be around for a long time for all 3 main networks as we have such a lot of legacy kit like smart meters. (see news article)

However every country in the world is different in how the priorotise different networks because of the growth of 4/5G devices.

So when deciding to renew our devices as it had become so vital this company chose the new 4G versions as the majority of countries they operated in had made announcements regarding phasing out 2G so it made sense to standardise on the latest technology bearing in mind our 4G devices work via SMS only and still have no data connection.

So last July we delivered nearly 5000 new 4G devices to their European service HQ with the order worth several hundred thousand US$ so a huge moment in the history of the company.

In a world where cyber crime is a huge problem for both business and private citizens an 'out of band' remote power solution is an absolute necessity we would argue. There is hardly a week that goes by when we hear of a new cyber hack bearing in mind most are kept secret and ransome paid to resolve issue.

As we have said many times 'hard reboots' solve 70% of hardware issues and with engineers such an expensive resource if an attempted hard reboot can fix issue and save that visit and if it doesn't you were going to send an engineer anyway.

So as we are now into our 14th year of trading we look for the business to go from strength to strength.