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M2M GSM operated products and services for remote control of facilities including power and temperature for many industries and applications

Welcome to Tekview, we provide M2M (Machine to Machine) GSM operated products and services to control devices remotely and remote data collection. Our products and services are utilised by many areas and industries including but not limited to; Energy & Utilities, Communications, Technology, Banking, Transport & Logistics and Government & Public Services.

We are based centrally in the United Kingdom and we operate worldwide. We have over 40 years of experience in business, providing not only high quality solutions but a high quality of integrity and service as well as an attention to detail often missing.

We are incredibly excited and proud of the wide range of innovative M2M GSM solutions and services we offer which as well as being superb products they require minimal maintenance or after sales support and are extremely cost effective.

Our M2M GSM solutions centre around monitoring and control of temperature and power, and with worldwide network coverage our products can be controlled from anywhere.

All of our products can be used as stand-alone devices individually in a single location or expanded to hundreds of devices across many locations for larger projects with our dedicated software ‘EstateView’.

Our main products are listed below with a brief description;


Envirotxt is a plug-in sensor that monitors the two key environmental elements within most businesses, temperature and power outages. It uses the GSM network to communicate and generate various alerts. Envirotxt is a wireless remote sensor with many functions and can be used for temperature alerting, power loss alerting and also for remote temperature data collection. Envirotxt is a completely wireless M2M device, it only requires power.

Envirotxt has no complicated programming sequences or a lengthy installation process, it simply plugs into the mains and can be programmed at site or remotely. It has a wealth of features but the control and responses have been kept simple so it can be used by technical and non-technical people alike. Envirotxt features user programmable alerts/alarms that can be configured to send one or a number of users an alert directly.


For many devices across the world power is critical, not only knowing the exact time / date when a power outage occurred but, being able to remotely access the equipment and return it to service cost effectively and without security risks.

“It is estimated that over 70% of all downtime events can be solved with a hard power reboot”

Powertxt is a remote power control plug that uses the GSM network, allowing users to remotely control any device connected to it. It also sends an instant power outage alert (and power restore alert). Powertxt doesn’t need an IP address, access to your network or a 3G/WiFi connection, you only need mains power and a mobile network signal so it can be used almost anywhere (it has even been used in double skinned metal lockers and it worked perfectly!).

Using Powertxt to reboot equipment remotely can reduce costs dramatically by reducing engineering/service visits, this in turn reduces downtime to help maintain SLA’s and ultimately increases uptime and revenue/dependability (depending on the device). Powertxt can also prolong the life of equipment and save energy because it can be used to power the equipment down when not in use.


Jablophone is a smart desk phone that uses the GSM network so it works like a mobile phone but looks like a normal desk phone. The Jablophone has a large display, full QWERTY keyboard and all the normal functionally of a desk phone (speed-dial, speaker phone, call transfer, conference call etc). It also has a variety of connectable sensors such as panic buttons for lone workers and gas detectors and smoke alarms to protect unmanned properties. For remote locations the Jablophone can also be used to connect your laptop/computer to the internet through the 3G connection within the SIM.

The Jablophone requires no telephone line or cabling, only power.


EstateView’ is our dedicated software for controlling multiple devices from one software platform. ‘Estate View’ has many advantages but the three main features are;

1) It provides users with an estate management system to see all their devices/SIMs 2) You can select individual units or groups of units to control or collect information from remotely (this can be based on a variety of factors) 3) You can collect information and create reports automatically (there are standard reports included but specialised reports can be tailored to your requirement)

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