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Powertxt Duo ®

  • Simple remote power control by text! (2G GSM)
  • Control & reboot two devices independently
  • Simple & secure

What is Powertxt Duo ®?

Powertxt Duo uses the GSM network to allow remote power control of two devices independently (e.g. a router & PC).

You can connect one or two devices to Powertxt Duo and reboot your equipment remotely and quickly by SMS (text message). Powertxt Duo can control two connected devices independently so you can reboot just the router, or just the PC or both simultaneously.

If you have lots of equipment out in the field in many different locations that need remote power control you can control hundreds of Powertxt Duo devices through our dedicated management software ‘EstateView’. Powertxt Duo also instantly sends an SMS alert if mains power is lost/restored (these can also be email alerts if using EstateView).

Powertxt Duo is not an IP/network controlled product.

Powertxt Duo is extremely secure, it requires passwords for control and it does not have any access to your connected equipment it can only turn the power on/off.

Why use Powertxt Duo ®?

Sending an engineer to site (a truck roll) to turn power on / off is very expensive and time consuming especially when the equipment could be hundreds of miles away. Powertxt Duo can reboot any equipment in seconds with one SMS (text message). Powertxt Duo was developed to be an easy, simple remote rebooting/power control product that is truly independent of any network, it requires no IP address or Data/WiFi connection so it is extremely secure and can be deployed almost anywhere.

Powertxt Duo can be used anywhere, it only requires mains power and a network signal. It can be used on new and existing equipment with none or minimal downtime as it doesn’t require any installation or additional hardware/software to set it up. Set up is so simple it can be done before or at site either using your mobile/cell phone or through our dedicated management software. Powertxt Duo can be set up by anyone (technical or non-technical) in less than 5 minutes (they only need to plug it in – SMS setup can be done remotely). As Powertxt Duo only needs a mobile network connection to work and it can be used almost anywhere (even in many areas where there is traditionally very low signal e.g. GPRS).

It is estimated that over 70% of all downtime events can be solved with a hard power reboot

Powertxt Duo will instantly reboot any connected device e.g. router or switch when there is a problem to get the equipment back up and running immediately. Almost all equipment requires a hard reboot at some point, if not more frequently so why send an engineer all the way to site when you can use Powertxt Duo to reboot your devices simply and quickly.

Powertxt Duo can be used as a single unit to control two devices (e.g. a router & PC) with your mobile/cell phone or hundreds can be deployed to many locations and controlled through either through your mobile/cell phone or through our dedicated management software ‘EstateView’ in many locations.

A Note for US Customers

A SIM Card is effectively a small chip that goes inside the Powertxt Duo device to allow it to connect to the GSM (mobile) networks. In Europe to use the GSM network ‘SIM cards’ are the only option and are readily available, however in the US it is split between two options CDMA and GSM. CDMA is where the network connectivity is physically built into the device and GSM uses a SIM card like Europe.

Fast ROI

For the majority of customers Powertxt Duo will pay for itself with the first call out / service visit / truck roll saved. The power loss/restored alert also has major benefits for most customers as it saves sending an engineer to site when a power outage is the real issue. Powertxt Duo requires no complicated wiring or length installation at site either, it only requires plugging in/connecting to a power source.


Powertxt can be used for many applications, including ATMs, routers, IT equipment, remote support equipment, CCTV, digital signage and smart kiosks/lockers to name a few.

If an ATM stops working it can be up to an hour before it’s established if it’s a power problem or a comms issue, this can waste vital internal resources and have a detrimental effect on service level agreements (SLA’s). Powertxt Duo saves time and money in two main ways; 1) increases the machine’s uptime by rebooting kit to get it back up and running immediately which equals greater revenue and 2) if there is a power outage it lets you know immediately by SMS so you don’t dispatch an engineer when not required.

What is EstateView?

EstateView is our dedicated management software to control Powertxt or Powertxt Duo devices. EstateView allows you to control up to many thousands of Powertxt or Powertxt Duo devices easily from one central point. You can set up all of your devices at once and keep all the power loss alerts / rebooting information in one central location. It allows for one main ‘power user’ and many additional users, click here for more information.

Powertxt Duo® £199 ex vat

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